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Energetic healing I psychic reading & more

We are all about revealing, restoring and celebrating your unique glow with tailored solutions all around 

Much like..

Steph & Christine are able to help you glow externally with our skin and beauty treatments,
Emily-Rose is looking after your internal health & glow as a Naturopath,
Meagan is able to round up the overall glow & light up your soul.

Meagan Jean is an intuitive healer and psychic empath, here to inspire, empower, heal and care for .


She works 1:1 with clients via her incredible quantum energy work, healing readings, meditation facilitation plus soulful mentoring and education. 

Get to know her better by checking out her healing and supportive podcast: 

the Empath | Intuitive | Heart-Driven Podcast. 

It's a beautiful container of information and inspiration with topics like energy, feelings, sensitivity, growth, law of attraction & intuition.

Like the herbalist conjuring the perfect concoction of ingredients, she is able to draw upon intuitive energetic impressions, tarot, oracle, the akashic records (your soul’s book), chakra healing, quantum energetic healing, crystal and aromatherapy in a perfectly portioned combination for you, in your 1:1 session. 

Rediscover clarity, calm and etheric care with Meagan Jean (and the astral team) in your corner… 


Meagan Jean

"There is so much that we carry deep in our subconscious, and energy centres.

Our energy anatomy influences our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

So patterns, emotional triggers and energetic trauma can lie in our system, affecting our vibe, our self-belief, progress and evolution. The thing that blows my mind the most, is it can affect parts of our life without knowing. It can even influence the situations we find ourselves in and the relationships we have.

I've experienced the buzz, the flow, the rise, & the increased energy from healings, time and time again.

In my 20 years working as a therapist, long lasting peace and self acceptance integrates plus the biggest shifts occur within my clients lives, when I've been treating their energetic body, not just the physical.

Relaxation is so important. Self-care is so important. But energetic healing and alignment is the bridge that anchors these essences deeply into your being.

This is why I’m so committed to providing the energetic medicine that you can’t source anywhere else. Together we’ll unleash the shifts required to heal what no longer serves you, while helping you install the upgrades for your soul evolution."