Why Selfcare actually really sucks!

You might think: "That's very hypocritical of you to say"

Yes, we always bang on about Selfcare, but don’t ride us off just yet by stating that - Selfcare can in fact suck!

#selfcare has becomes one of those top-trending words, used and often abused to tell you what you should be doing, feeling or buying in order to take care of yourself.

Have you noticed that particular in 2020 you have read that word ‘Selfcare’ everywhere? I mean.. hasn’t it always been important?

Import - Hell yes!

Easy - No!

Selfcare comes in many forms and will have a different meaning to every person, situation and emotion! It does not just happen automatically, nor does it even come naturally to many!

Whether it is your mental, physical, emotional or even your financial well-being you are wanting to care for - It requires you to actively choose or do something about and that can often really sucks! You probably heard the saying ‘Selfcare is not selfish’, yet making yourself a priority can at times come with great challenges and is not always as easy as running a bubble bath or getting a massage.

I just want to state that I am purely speaking from experience. Not only my own...

As a Skin & Beauty Expert, here at Be U Beauty, we work mainly with women.

As much as we do consider our industry to be in the 'selfcare' & 'look & feel good' business, for us it reaches a lot deeper.

We always treat every client in a holistic way. To get a better understanding of each individual and how we can help them, as a whole - we ask questions!

Giving someone the opportunity to speak in confidence and be heard with care, very often leads to opening up in trust.

Holistic Definition -

'characterized by the belief

that the parts of something

are intimately interconnected

and explicable only by

reference to the whole.'

Not only do we cherish our clients entrusting us with their life stories, their Stories and Journeys have inspires this honest blog. Don't trust every social media post and don't every compare yourself to a Pic & Caption that may only be staged!

Selfcare often does suck - Because nowadays we are all so busy doing what we are doing. Running around trying to accomplish, achieve and keep up with everything!

Always being 'too busy' has almost become praiseworthy in our society.

To consciously make the time and find the courage to put ourselves first something comes with a range of emotions

Sometimes Selfcare may require YOU.. actually schedule time for yourself! take time to do something for yourself instead of others! cancel plans in order to be there for yourself! take a step into the unknown just because you know that the ‘right now’ is not right!

…to let go of certain people!

…to be brutally honest with yourself!

…to admit that when it comes to selfcare you really are only accountable to yourself! simply pause, even if you have so much to do! not please others! get off your arse to do something you actually really don't feel like doing, but know will be good for you! break bad habits. revaluate choices! get out of our comfort zone.

And so on... You get my point!

It can make you feel guilty, uncomfortable, sad, scared...

It will be worth it and you are definitely worth the effort, it might (at times) just

really suck! And of course, whilst one act of selfcare is a good start, it really should a life long habit.

If I dare to give you any advice, it would be to, to be open to all the selfcare advise out there BUT pick and choose what feels right to you! If you need any motivation to give yourself the kindness you so freely give to others..

“You cannot pour from an empty cup!”


"Selfcare is giving the world the best of you instead of what's left of you"

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