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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

...and welcome to our first blog attempt.

A blog is something we wanted to give you for quite some time, thanks to Covid we finally found some time to get started. There is so much we want to share with you, so many topics to cover and so many questions we would like to answer for everyone – so please, keep them coming.

Don’t worry you will remain anonymous, but chances are that if you have ever wondered about something, some else probably did too.

Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and support to

celebrate your unique Beauty.

But let’s start at the Beginning and introduce ourselves…

The name Be U Beauty initially started as a simple play of words - Bea[U]ty. Be You Beauty. Be your own kind of beauty, Be You…

My name is Christine and the thing is (or was for me anyway) that when you first start a business you are bursting with excitement and dreams. So many why's, ideas and thoughts running through your head, that at the time, the name didn't seem to matter all that much to be honest. But, subconsciously, our mission and purpose was already embedded in the name and everything that would follow was evolving around the ‘U’.

It may sound cliche, but the 'U' is why we are here, what drives us to be better all the time and it is certainly the most rewarding part of our journey.

Many of you would remember our cute little salon space, when we first opened our doors in mid-2015. Actually, back then it was just me and I quickly came to realise that I was not fond of the traditional beauty salon approach, treating everyone the same and chasing targets. Where was the fun, the relationship to the clients, the celebration of the uniqueness of beauty in each person..?

Long story short, just over year later, the gorgeous and talented Steph joined me and all the sudden there was a team, which boosted our vision to so much more. We very quickly outgrow our little space. In fact, I remember that at times clients would have to squeeze next to each other onto the little waiting couch (sorry about that).

At this point volume lash extensions became all the rage and we were one of the first to offer them in the area. This really became a steppingstone for us and we have stayed true to the art of hand making each volume fan to this day. The lash demand allowed us to bring in more treatments, get specialised in different areas like Cosmetic tattooing and Plasma treatments. We were able to expand our Space to the beautiful boutique style salon it s now and bring on the amazing Tyler to lift out team spirit even higher.

However, what we still value the most, is in the 'U'. The lessons we have learned and the growth of passion we have experienced with every single one of you.

Our greatest pleasure is your trust and loyalty.

A gorgeous Set of Lashes, brighter Teeth, a beautiful Tan, perfectly sculpted or tattooed Brows... gives you a great booster and that fresh ‘I woke up like this’ feeling. It is beautiful to see you smile a little big bigger and have that spring in their step when you leave after your appointment. It really makes our days!

As a therapist there is always joy in making our clients feel pretty. But as we established ourselves in Skin Treatments, we also got to be part of something even more heart filling. When we partnered with Dermaviduals and became devoted Corneotherapist, it was not only an eye opener for us but also an absolute game changer for our clients.

Changing Skin, also means changing lives.

If you have been blessed with amazing skin, look after it, its a precious gift and we can certainly help you to preserve it.. But if you have had your struggles with your skin, you understand what we mean by saying - it changes your life.

Imagine being self-conscious about your skin on a daily…

(we know what that feels like, we all have a skin story to tell)

You have tried pretty much everything and it always seems the same. Great excitement to try something new, it may even work for a while or to a certain extend... but most of the time it doesn't or the results are only short lived and the concerns return with a vengeance.

This is what really fuels our passion!

When we get to see the true change in you. You confidence returns and the glow appear not only on the skin, but also in your eyes. The only thing that is even more rewarding is if you then have the confidence is us and what we do to bring in your loved ones to experience the same.

One thing more thing we should probably mention, and many of you would know and appreciate (or learned to appreciate lol) this…

We don’t always tell you exactly what you want to hear… sorry.

With that I mean, that we want to be honest and upfront with you, it would go against our integrity to withhold knowledge from you.

For example, if you come and tell us you want the longest, fullest lashes, but your natural lashes are not in the best condition and no one has ever told you about proper lash care...

Well, we could just give you that desired set and send you off, right?!

But reality is, this would damage your lashes even further. If you don't know how to look after them properly, you may risk some nasty surprises and eventually you would most likely not have many natural lashes left to stick anything on.

Instead, offer custom solutions to nurture your natural lash back to health, educate you on after care, so that you can enjoy your extensions for years to come and still have healthy lashes thereafter.

Another example, if you come to us with, let’s say acne...

I am sure you would love to hear, that we will do one facial and send you home a magical cream and promise you that you will never have a breakout again...

But we are not in a flashy Add, this is real life!

We will be upfront with you. True and long-lasting skin health is a journey! It required an investigation to the root cause, commitment to adjust choices in order to rectify the skin function and then, yes - accountability to maintain it for life. See how this can not happen over night? We will be here for you to take you on this journey, and we don’t want to take you on a blind ride.

So, in a nutshell - this is us. If we have not scared you off by now, we would love to meet & treat you.

Learning, growing and innovating never ends - it is a privilege to us. We love what we do because of U and have many great things planned for U...

Your Be U Beauty Team

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