Custom Advanced Skin Solutions

Just like fingerprints, every skin is unique.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to skin treatments or care and neither should you.

Whether you’re a busy mum in need of some selfcare, a student battling the stress of school or university, a corporate boss with a demanding calendar, we can offer you a unique treatment that gets to the root cause of your skin issues.

Our method also allows us to specialise in the prevention and treatment of skin conditions such as:

Dehydrated skin - premature ageing - Blemished skin - Aged skin -  Sensitive skin -  Sunburn

But also more intricate conditions such as:

Teenage & Adult Acne - Ichthyosis - Psoriasis - Couperosis - Rosacea - Dermatitis - Chelitis - Scars - Hyper-pigmentation -  Stretch marks 



$99 (redeemable)

How well do you really know your Skin?

Our thorough skin analysis goes beyond simply selling you skin care and recommending treatments. Utilizing our OBVERV 520 technology and a in-depth personal consultation process, we help you understand how your skin works and how to get results.

We get to know YOU!

By knowing you, and your skin, we can accurately develop a personalised skin care strategy especially for you. This a very in depth process, as we like to in cooperate any external as well as internal factor that plays a role when it comes to YOUR skin.

We combine our experience with your skins unique fingerprint.

Our detailed analysis will provide you with a deeper understanding of your skin and what makes your skin type and needs unique. We then work with you to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve skin that gives you confidence.

The Cost is fully redeemable to get you started on your Skin Care journey.


$75 (redeemable)

You don't live close by or prefer to get started via a virtual solution?

We have a comprehensive Consultation program set up for you, to give you the help you need from the comfort of your own home.

The Cost is fully redeemable to get you started on your Skin Care journey.



This 60-minute customised Treatment will help your teenager towards clearer skin and improved confidence. The teenage skin needs nurturing, just like the teen itself ♡
Many skincare ranges targeted for this young skin and its challenges, will only cause further issues. Most are designed to clear up the skin in a quick fix manner, which in short means - it will dry out the breakouts but along with it also break down the rest of the skin barrier, leaving the skin vulnerable. Long term this will could cause for the breakouts to come back with revenge, the skin to become thin, dry, flaky and inflamed.



A 60-minute customised facial to address your main skin concerns, from acne and congestion to dryness and ageing. Your products and actives will be handpicked by your therapist to target you concerns to give and instant, healthy glow.



A 75-minute treatment that addresses your skin health on a deeper level. Designed to improve the tone, colour, texture and structural integrity of your skin. Breathing new radiance and luminosity with a combination of enzyme peel, double mask and customised actives.



A 90-minute restorative deluxe treatment that aims to illuminate the skin by strengthening its natural support system. The skin is refined, repaired and brightened using potent actives giving back to the skin hydration, firmness and radiance. Your deluxe treatment will be customised for you and your skin whilst we nurture you with all the extras.


This 2h Treatment is the absolute super Facial including the Lymphatic therapy alongside all advanced solutions tailored to your Skins needs and our gorgeous signature massages.



$50 Add On
$159 Stand Alone

This facial treatment is designed to repair and strengthen your skin barrier, calm inflammation, improve skin oxygenation, promote lymphatic drainage and rehabilitate the skin from the outside-in. The Prin Skin Care Lymphatic Therapy Tightening Mask delivers fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin cells to plump the skin and improve hydration levels whilst moving any stagnant lymphatic fluid to improve skin tone, renew, clarify, calm and tighten the skin. The treatment is finished off with a custom blended serum and moisturiser to provide the skin with vital nutrients and a healthy glow.


$20 Add On
$50 Stand Alone

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"Christine and her team are always so friendly. Treatments are all done so professionally and to the highest standard! Their new Dermaviduals range is amazing, i finally have found a skincare that suits and is tailored to my skin type! Highly recommended A+++"

Helen M.